Who I Am

Eidetic Web Design is my freelance web design project although, depending on the size of the project, I can enlist help when needed.  I specialize in small to medium (5-15 pages), dynamic websites for a wide variety of industries.  However, I am also comfortable and experienced in designing, developing and maintaining sites with over 100 pages.

I have been developing websites since 2000 and have a wide range of skills in this field.  I pride myself in being able to handle the entire web design and development life cycle as well as being able to communicate effectively with my clients.  One complaint I hear from my clients regarding other website services is that the client often feels daunted by "tech speak".  I am well aware that none of us are born with technical knowledge, and I enjoy explaining the process.  Likewise, I enjoy learning about the industries of my clients.

If you are looking for a new website, social media presence or an update to an existing website, please contact me today to talk about what problems we can solve together.