Standard Websites

Websites that are basic in functionality, my standard websites usually consist of 5-6 pages of general company information, downloadable brochures and a simple contact form.  Perfect for a small company that needs a web presence that is easy to manage and conveys their message effectively.

Dynamic Websites

All the features of a standard website coupled with a little to a lot more functionality. My dynamic websites utilize databases, advanced form processing and can be developed to allow client management so that you can control parts of the site.

Social Media Management

Facebook.  Twitter.  YouTube. fourSquare.  The list continues to grow.  I can help you manage your presence on these social media outlets so that you are optimizing your outreach.

Search Engine Optimization

"We built the site and put it out there, why isn't anyone showing up?"

At last count, there were close to 650 million active websites in the world.  Just posting a site is not enough any more.  I can help ensure your site gets more traffic using search engine optimization and Google AdWords management.